Autism Ontario: A Promising Practice in Making Museums Accessible to Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

Date Updated

Highlighting efforts at the Royal Ontario Museum, the video Making Museums Accessible promotes the full inclusion of individuals on the autism spectrum in museum offerings through focused efforts such as community partnerships, custom tours, and staff training. The museum’s assistant vice president shares, “We’ve found with Autism Ontario a tremendous partnership, because they’re going to come to us and work with our staff and volunteers to make sure that everyone is prepared to be welcoming and to be engaging.”

The Making Museums Accessible video is a promising practice for making informal STEM learning accessible and inclusive for individuals with autism. It promotes museum accessibility to a wide audience and also represents an entry point for further exploration of accessibility at the Royal Ontario Museum.

For more information on increasing the accessibility of informal STEM learning programs, visit the Access Informal STEM Learning (AccessISL) website.