Obama Appoints Karen Braitmayer to U.S. Access Board

Picture of Karen.

Congratulations to DO-IT and AccessSTEM Mentor Karen Braitmayer for her recent appointment to the US Access Board by President Obama. The Board is an independent Federal agency that provides leadership in accessible design under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other laws.

Braitmayer commented, "I am very honored to have been selected, and I hope I can do a great job." Braitmayer is a registered architect and principal with Studio Pacifica, an architectural consulting firm focused on accessibility and accessible design. She regularly advises state agencies, local governments, school districts, other architects, and home builders and owners on accessibility under various laws, including the ADA and the Fair Housing Act, and on compliance with state codes in housing, commercial, retail, institutional, and educational projects. For more information about the Access Board and its membership, consult www.access-board.gov.