DO-IT Staff Member Wins WAPED Achievement Award

Michael Richardson, DO-IT program manager
Picture of DO-IT Staff Member Scott
DO-IT program coordinator, Scott Bellman

DO-IT program coordinator, Scott Bellman, won the 2007 Achievement Award from the Washington Association on Postsecondary Education and Disability (WAPED). This award is presented to someone who has contributed to increasing knowledge and awareness of disability issues in higher education.

Through DO-IT projects at state, regional, and national levels, Scott works tirelessly to increase the success of students with disabilities as they progress through their academic studies and enter the workforce. Scott's counseling skills and commitment to engaging students in experiences that allow them to develop workplace skills has been effective. Since 2001, Scott has developed more than eighty challenging paid internships for students with disabilities, mostly in Washington State, and has helped facilitate more than 400 other work-based learning activities such as job shadows, speaking engagements, company tours, and volunteer jobs.

Working one-to-one with a young student or addressing a national conference audience of employers, Scott engages others in implementing practices to improve student success and employer satisfaction. He continues to seek new avenues to bring additional collaborators to the table. Scott has co-authored publications in peer-reviewed journals and was recently appointed as the State Coordinator for National Disability Mentoring Day through the American Association of People with Disabilities.

Congratulations Scott!