Adaptive Technology Serves Everyone


There is a saying that with the world of computers you can do anything you can imagine. But they forgot one thing...what if you are blind or even a quadriplegic? Well maybe they didn't forget about you. There is technology out there that will allow you to work a computer as if you could see or use your hands.

For those who are blind, since you cannot see, it is quite clear what needs to be done. There is adaptive technology that produces a voice output that will allow the person operating the computer to hear what is on his/her screen. To install this type of technology, you simply have a card to install into the back of your computer. There is also a reader board that will read the line that you touch.

For those of you who cannot use your hands, there are several examples of adaptive technology to allow you to use a computer. If you have just a little use of your hands, there are joysticks that will move the arrow around, and in order to type, you have a mini keyboard onscreen. There is also a Morse Code type of input. By using a series of huffs and puffs, you can send a command into a computer.

And last but not least, there is a technology that may seem too simple to believe. It involves using a pen in your mouth and a computer keyboard. It may seem slow at first, but it gets the job done and after awhile it gets faster.

In conclusion, the world of computers has not really left behind the disabled, it only improved the ways they can keep up with the rest of the world.