CBI Participants (Increasing the Participation of Students with Disabilities in K-12 Computing 2016)

Attendees actively listen to a presentation.

Stakeholder groups represented in the CBI included

  • postsecondary faculty,
  • individuals who provide professional development for K-12 teachers,
  • secondary teachers,
  • disability services professionals, and
  • individuals with disabilities.

Brianna Blaser
DO-IT, University of Washington
Project Coordinator, AccessCSForAll

Rachel Brody
Senior Managing Director; Diverse Learner Initiative
Teach for America

Sheryl Burgstahler
DO-IT, University of Washington
Co-PI, AccessCSForAll

Monica Cardella
Associate Professor
Purdue University

Lyla Crawford
Program Coordinator
DO-IT, University of Washington
Evaluator, AccessCSForAll

Rebecca Dovi
Education Director

Laura Duffy
Inclusion Resource Teacher
Charles County Public Schools

Paul Goldenberg
Distinguished Scholar
Education Development Center, Inc

Tim Fahlberg
Department Head
School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Joann Freese
Project Director, Interactive Producer
SciGirls, Twin Cities Public Television

Joann Harriman
R.S.U. 26 Orono, Maine

Helen Hu
Westminster College

Lynne Ipina
Associate Professor
University of Wyoming

Larry Johnson
Instructional Specialist for Special Education
Charles County Public Schools

Tom Keller
Senior Research Scientist
Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance

Brittney Kugler
Professional learning Specialist
Museum of Discovery

Richard Ladner
Computer Science Professor
University of Washington
PI, AccessCSForAll
Deanna Linn
AmeriCorps Vista
Montana Girls STEM Collaborative Project

Dianne O’Grady Cunnif
Instructional Specialist for Computer Science and Technology Education
Charles County Public Schools

Patrick O’Steen
Regional manager, Pacific Northwest

Rebecca Pearson
Career and Technology Education Specialist
Charles County Public School

Blythe Samuels
Computer Science Teacher
Powhatan High School

Emmanuel Schanzer
Program Director

Nigamanth Sridhar
Associate Professor
Cleveland State University

Andreas Stefik
Assistant Professor
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Amber Wagner
Assistant Professor
Kennesaw State University

Sarah Wille
Senior Researcher
Outlier Research and Evaluation, University of Chicago