Closing the Gap Speech

Phase III Scholar Anthony

I am Anthony from Gand Forks, ND. I am a Phase II Scholar with the DO-IT program. We were given the opportunity to choose an area that we were interested in learning more about after being introduced to a variety of areas during our first year of DO-IT. The area I chose was Technical Communication, which is a growing market as computers are networked more. It allows you flexibility for doing your job. This is very important for the handicapped worker. To me, it is very exciting to get more disabled people working with the aid of computer technology.

Over the last year of being with DO-IT I have become more aware of the disabled population being helped by technology. Being in DO-IT I have also learned what a mentor is and how to be one myself for disabled people and their families. Using Internet, I have connected with people all over the world acting as a mentor. I have shared ideas and answered questions as well as getting information for myself and passing it on to others. I have been able to connect with professionals such as Larry Scadden of the National Science Foundation. Through my conversations with Larry about career goals, he helped me connect with Barry Romich of the Prentke Romich Company, the maker of my speaking device. I will be working at the PRC booth today and tomorrow helping show the powers of the Liberator. Feel free to ask questions after this presentation.