Directors Digressions

Sheryl Burgstahler

Meet the 2003 Scholars!

DO-IT will soon host its annual Summer Study program for DO-IT Scholars. We have 20 new Scholars this year, funded by the state of Washington and the Boeing Company, plus one Scholar funded by NASA.

Patrick, who has Duchennes muscular dystrophy, is from Naches, WA. His favorite subjects include math and business. He is interested in becoming a financial consultant.

Crystal lives in Rice, WA. English is her favorite class. She enjoys reading and likes to use her imagination to write stories. Crystal has a brain injury.

Justin has a mobility impairment. He resides in Redmond, WA. Social studies is one of his favorite subjects because it is factual. He also likes science because of all the experiments.

Shaun is from Spokane, WA. He has a visual impairment. Three of his top career choices are veterinarian, zoologist, and high performance auto mechanic building hot rods. English and history are his favorite subjects.

Joshua lives in LaPush, WA. He enjoys English and home economics classes. Josh, who has a visual impairment, is interested in becoming a videogame programmer.

Annemarie lives in Seattle, WA. She likes math and also enjoys studying different cultures in her history classes. Annemarie, who has cerebral palsy, has been on the Honor Roll and received a speaker award in junior varsity debate.

Tressa is also from Seattle, WA. Math and science are her favorite subjects. Tressa, who has a learning disability, plans to become a marine biologist, specializing in dolphin communication.

Conrad comes from Kirkland, WA. He has Duchennes muscular dystrophy and is interested in engineering, architecture, and political science.

Joshua is a sophomore from Woodinville, WA. He has spina bifida, a mobility impairment. Joshua is a member of the Future Business Leaders of America. His favorite subjects in school are English and math.

Andrew also enjoys studying math and science and is interested in the field of pyrotechnics as well as biology. Andrew, who was born missing the radius bone of both forearms, is from Pasco, WA.

Jesse, who has dyslexia, resides in Seattle, WA. He is currently learning C programming language and hopes to someday work in the computer industry.

Senait, also from Seattle, WA, enjoys learning about genetics. Senait, whose left side of the body was left weak after an aneurysm, hopes to have a career in medicine or business.

Vanessa from Goldendale, WA, is interested in pursuing a career in social work. Vanessa has cerebral palsy and enjoys learning about wildlife.

Natasha, who is profoundly deaf, lives in Wapato, WA. She likes science, particularly participating in labs and conducting experiments. She aspires to be a teacher for the deaf.

Scott is from Eastsound, WA. He has attention deficit disorder (ADD). His dream job is to create a 3-D terrain for videogames and computer animation. Chemistry, physics, and computer technology are his favorite subjects in school.

Theresa, who has spina bifida, is from Camano Island, WA. She is a junior and her favorite classes are band and sign Llanguage. She participates on athletic teams in swimming and track.

Zachary, who has a brain injury, is a sophomore from Stanwood, WA. He enjoys chess and Tae Kwon Do. His favorite subjects are science and math. He is interested in a computer science career.

Skylor is a sophomore from Tacoma, WA. He has cerebral palsy. His career interests include meteorology and broadcasting. English, history, and math are his favorite classes.

Norma will be joining us from Corsicana, Texas. She is a high school junior and is deaf. She is interested in obtaining a degree in computer programming. She participates in track and is a member of the Calicos Drill Team.

Jamie is a high school junior from Kirkland, WA. She has a learning disability. Her academic interests include math and she also enjoys peer tutoring. Jamie is interested in studying to become a special education teacher.