Director's Digressions

Sheryl Burgstahler, Ph.D.
Picture of 1994 Phase II DO-it Scholars
The whole gang of DO-IT Scholars pose at the University of Washington.

We are recruiting high school students to join the DO-IT team. Perhaps you know or are a high school student who:

  • is a sophomore or junior
  • likes science, engineering, or math
  • hopes to attend college
  • lives in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon or Washington
  • has a disability

If the answer is yes, we encourage you or your friend to apply to be a DO-IT Scholar and:

  • spend two weeks living on campus
  • participate in labs and lectures taught by UW faculty and graduate students
  • learn to use computers and the Internet network
  • meet other Scholars, post-secondary students, and scientists who have disabilities
  • prepare for successful transitions to college and careers

DO-IT Scholar Anna values the special friendships she has made as a member of the DO-IT team. And DO-IT Scholar Mark Bessett reports that DO-IT activities have "made my world seem a little bigger, and a little more within my grasp. I think bigger with my life goals," (Seattle Times, Feb. 21, 1994). Applications are considered on a space available basis. Call (206) 685-DOIT (685-3648) for an application or more information.