DO-IT Scholar Ben

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Scholar Ben

My name is Ben and I would like to tell you how the DO-IT program has changed my view on life.

For years I haven't been able to walk or lift my arms. So I let my fingers shine and played video games. But whenever the word "computer" came into conversation, I couldn't relate because I couldn't hold my arms up to type. One of the worst feelings I had was when I watched someone else enjoying a computer, because I couldn't.

I know how others like me have felt. We got mad, asking why God gave us this disease or wondering why we were different from everybody else. Sometimes we couldn't take it any more and felt alone in the world.

But when I entered the DO-IT program that all changed. I learned to use a speech-activated system and felt triumphant when I could use a computer. From the very first e-mail to cruising the Internet, the only thing I have on my mind is "What can I not do!?!"

We DO-IT Scholars are all going to succeed! We are smart enough and now that we have the power of a computer, the gold that was always just out of reach can now be grasped.