DO-IT Staff Teach Undergraduate Seminar at UW

K Wheeler, DO-IT Staff and Ambassador

For the fifth year running, DO-IT Staff members Scott Bellman and Sheryl Burgstahler co-taught an undergraduate seminar at the University of Washington titled “Disability 101: Identity, Education, Careers, & Leadership.” Dan Comden, Hadi Rangin, and Kayla Brown participated as guest lecturers in the course.

The seminar explored types of disabilities, the history of the treatment of disabled people, campus disability services, the intersection of disability and career fields, and more.

Each of the students completed an accessibility review of a local lab or science education program, like a museum or the Pacific Science Center. The students used DO-IT resources like the Checklist for Making Science Labs Accessible to Students with Disabilities.

Here are some quotes from students about how this class affected them:

  • “Before taking this class I was planning on majoring in psychology and minoring in disability studies, but now I have decided that I want to double major.”
  • “My thinking and perception on disability was routinely challenged in this course and the things I learned will forever shape how I interact with and consider the concept of disability in society.”
  • “People with disabilities work just as hard, and it’s awful that people don’t see them as equals. I definitely have done this to someone before, and this seminar has made sure that I will never do that again.”

Everyone involved in putting this class together had a great time. DO-IT will host this seminar again next year.