Far Out!

Megan and Stefani, Phase I Scholars
Picture of Heidi in front of a laptop.
Phase I Scholar Heidi in the computer lab during Summer Study.

On July 19, the Phase I Scholars went to the University of Washington Astronomy Center. When we arrived, our attention was averted to the large pendulum in front of the building, swinging back and forth with the earth's rotation.

Once we made our way to the planetarium observation room, Eric Hilton, our guide, started the projection displayed on the large domed ceiling. The room became pitch black and the presentation started with the stars and sun illuminating the ceiling. Everyone watched with astonishment. The sun was setting and the stars were accelerating at a higher speed than usual, so you could see them moving. Throughout the presentation, Eric explained the constellations and the phenomenon that makes these constellations work. He told us about the constellations Ursa Major, the Big Dipper, and how to use the Big Dipper to find the North Star. Eric also told us about Orion's Belt and the red star Beetle Juice. At the end of the presentation, he explained the phenomenon that creates the Northern Lights.

After this amazing intergalactic presentation, we returned to McCarty Hall and enjoyed our evening dorm activities.