High School Graduates - We DID-IT!

Priscilla, '95 Scholar

Hi Everybody,

On June 18, 1996 I graduated from Nathan Hale High School. Woo-hoo!! I can't believe it but I did it! I'm so happy. I actually walked in the graduation ceremony, yes you read it right I "walked." I decided to surprise everyone and walk, instead of using my wheelchair. It went fairly well, although there were a few things that went wrong, like they forgot to have someone help me up the ramp, but that's ok because my walking partner just helped me up the stairs along with a friend of mine. It was just as well if not better.

I received a lot of compliments about my choosing to walk in graduation and nobody seemed to care that I needed more time to get around. At first I felt bad because it seemed like I was holding up the entire graduation process but my classmates didn't care so that made me feel a lot better. To tell you the truth, they said that I definitely deserved to hold things up and people were just going to have to wait because they felt that it took a lot from me to walk in and participate just like everyone else. Graduated-woo-hoo!

Congratulations to all of the 1996 graduates and hope that all of you had a wonderful graduation. Three cheers to the Class of 1996 - we did it!!


Note: The DO-IT Scholars who graduated in 1996 are CJ, Jorja, Aimee, Matt, Jeremy, Carly, Todd, Priscilla, Anthony, Ben, Daniel, Mike, Nguyen, Sarah, Katherine, Kristin, and Erofei.