How DO-IT Impacted Our Lives

Clarissa and Nicole, Phase I Scholars
Photo of DO-IT Scholars, Ambassadors, and staff all sing Sheryl Burgstahler's favorite karaoke song, 'Stop! In the Name of Love' during ice cream and karaoke night
DO-IT Scholars, Ambassadors, and Staff all sing Sheryl Burgstahler's Favorite karaoke song, "Stop! In the Name of Love" during ice cream and karaoke night.

Imagine yourself being locked up in a glass case where no matter how hard you try it is impossible to get out. Before we heard about the DO-IT program, our everyday life felt boring. When we were little, we didn't have many friends because we were too shy to express ourselves and talk to other people. We usually did everything alone without the company of friends. We would keep to ourselves more because we were afraid that others would judge us or talk negatively about us because of our disabilities.

After we participated in the DO-IT Scholars program, we realized that we need to change ourselves and our way of thinking. DO-IT has taught us how to become more independent by living in a dorm, being away from home, and trying our best to take care of ourselves without our parents' help. We learned skills that we think are essential in our lives. Other than independence, one important lesson we learned is to not let your disability, whether it is physical, visual, and/or learning disability, control your life. Do not let other people's negative comments affect how you live your life. Just always remember to be you and do not try to be someone else. Also, never give up your dreams. It is true that there are many obstacles, but never break down and stay strong, because you have to learn from your hardships to be able to move forward and reach your true goal.

DO-IT has helped us realize that if you keep your enthusiasm and hard work, that hard work is going to pay off and eventually you are going to receive a much better reward than what you would expect from the start.