Impressions of the Editor


If you've noticed a new or different flavor to the presentation and layout of this issue, that's because DO-IT News has new editor--a changing of the guards, so to speak. My name is Rodney, I'm a Phase III DO-IT Kid™. I graduated from high school in June of this year with less than honors.

My past editing experiences have been with my own rag, the Curmudgeon, where I was, in the words of DO-IT News' last editor Serena Shubert, "Lord of all I survey." I miss that. In fact, I'll consider myself lucky if Sheryl lets me print this paragraph.

I've brought over some of my editing philosophy to this publication. I despise clip art as filler, I like photos, I love consistency, keep the layout clean, and endlessly harrass uncooperative writers (e.g., Ben, Erofei).

But I'm not complaining, I survived my first issue of DO-IT News! I can't believe I only get $5.50 an hour for this.....