Info at Your Fingertips (AccessComputing News Feb 2009)

Scott Bellman, AccessComputing Staff
A student using a laptop
Student using a laptop.

The online AccessComputing Knowledge Base was developed for computing students with disabilities, faculty, and professionals. Its goal is to make academic programs and careers in computing fields welcoming and accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Every month thousands of visitors consult this free resource. By searching the Knowledge Base, they find answers to common questions, learn about promising practices, and explore case studies that highlight real-life applications. Listed below are titles of a few articles from the Knowledge Base:

Questions & Answers

  • How can I make my computing department more accessible to students with disabilities?
  • What are specific computer applications that can assist students with learning disabilities?

Promising Practices

  • University of Washington: A Promising Practice in Using Existing Policies to Support Web Accessibility Practices
  • The Educational Leadership Team: A Promising Practice on Promoting Accessible IT

Case Studies

  • Distance Learning: A Case Study on the Accessibility of an Online Course
  • Web Access: A Case Study on Making Content Accessible to a Student who is Blind

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