Intrepid Museum: A Promising Practice in Providing Accessibility Information

Date Updated

The Intrepid Museum is an excellent example of an informal STEM learning program providing information about accessibility to the community. Through their Accessibility Resources website, information is structured into four categories: Online resources, on-site resources, specialized programs, and the Community Advisors program.

The online resources category contains information about planning a visit, taking a virtual tour, learning through social narratives, and more. The on-site resources discuss many of the access features of the museum, including wheelchair access, seating, tactile guides, sign language video systems, and audio guide systems. The specialized programs section provides dates and times for events, along with details about accessibility features for each event. The Intrepid Museum’s accessibility resources website also shares information about the Community Advisors program, which seeks input from the disability community and makes recommendations to the museum.

The Intrepid Museum’s Accessibility Resources website is considered a promising practice in accessible STEM learning because of the wide range of access-related information made available to the community.

For more information on increasing the accessibility of informal STEM learning programs, visit the Access Informal STEM Learning (AccessISL) website.