Michael and Depression: A Case Study in Collaboration and Disability Awareness

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My name is Michael. During spring quarter, I experienced a depressive episode. This episode negatively impacted my concentration, short-term memory, and stamina. My grades suffered as a result.

Access Issue

I had not previously been diagnosed with depression nor was I receiving accommodations through the disability services office at school. However, I received services through the counseling center. My instructor noticed that I was not keeping up in the course and reached out to me. He recommended that I explore using on-campus tutoring and/or disability services and consider whether I should withdraw from the class or receive an incomplete. 


After this conversation, I visited the disability services office and was able to receive accommodations based on documentation that I provided from the counseling center. Using a notetaker, extended time on tests, and tests in a separate, quiet environment, I was able to improve my grade in the course.


This case study illustrates the following:

  • Collaboration among faculty, student resources, and the disability services office is important.
  • Faculty and staff can refer students who are struggling to a variety of resources on campus, including tutoring centers, counseling centers, disability resource services, and computer labs.