Apply for an AccessEngineering Minigrant

AccessEngineering has funds available to support training, experiential learning, and other engineering-related activities nationwide. The ultimate goal is to increase the successful participation of people with disabilities in education and careers in engineering and improve engineering fields with their perspectives and expertise.

An institution or other organization can seek funding to support a project that helps engineering faculty better serve a diverse student body that includes students with a broad range of disabilities, in engineering courses and programs, or integrate relevant disability-related and universal design content into engineering courses.

Projects eligible for minigrant funding could:

  • Support the inclusion of universal design (UD) practices (e.g., in engineering courses, planning efforts, evaluation and research, physical environments, online resources, events) designed to meet the needs of all participants, including those with a wide range of disabilities.
  • Collect and report engineering student demographic data that includes disability status.
  • Convene meetings of engineering faculty to explore how they might better serve students with disabilities and/or incorporate relevant disability and UD content in curriculum and courses. 
  • Check relevant departmental websites for accessibility and make suggestions to webmasters that will improve accessibility to individuals with a wide range of disabilities and make engineering programs more welcoming to potential students with disabilities (e.g., include pictures of students with disabilities) and identify places on their websites from which to link to AccessEngineering and other relevant resources.
  • Encourage the participation of students with disabilities in engineering courses and activities.
  • Develop a product (e.g., video) or technique to encourage UD in engineering curriculum or labs.
  • Deliver a webinar on topics that support the project goals and objectives.
  • Undertake a student engineering design competition related to disability and/or universal design.
  • Provide stipends to students with disabilities to participate in panel discussions or to promote and measure systemic changes in an engineering department.

Proposal Requirements

We expect most requests to be under $3,000. Proposals can be submitted any time, but limited funding is available. To apply, complete the AccessEngineering Minigrant Application form. Recipients of AccessEngineering minigrants are required to submit an activity summary. This summary must include a completed evaluation form.

Recipients are also encouraged to collect feedback from participants during or immediately following the event. For project evaluation forms and sample participant survey forms, see Minigrant Evaluation Forms.