Summer Program Packed with Activities

DO-IT staff and associates are focusing their energy on the summer program slated for August 8-20 on the University of Washington campus.

Eighteen high school students with disabilities will live in the dorms and attend classes, laboratories, lectures and demonstrations as they learn more about science, engineering and mathematics.

Participants will also have time for fun. Some of the evening and weekend entertainment activities scheduled are a presentation by Canine Companions, a tour of the UW virtual reality lab, a trip to the Pacific Science Center and an evening with the Mariners.

Canine Companions
Canine Companions for Independence is a non-profit organization based in Santa Rosa, California. Its mission is to train four types of specially bred assistance dogs in ways that increase the independence of people with disabilities. The four types are, service dogs, hearing dogs, social dogs and specialty dogs. Maime, a service dog performing for DO-IT, opens doors, picks up phones, loads laundry machines and picks up objects.
Virtual Reality
The University of Washington Human Interface Technology (HIT) Lab is an exciting place to learn about the latest developments in virtual reality. DO-IT participants will test their skills with the Shark World game, draw 3-D art with Stereographics and learn about the Virtual Retinal Display equipment.
Pacific Science Center
Saturday, August 14, DO-IT participants are special guests at the Pacific Science Center. Students will receive free admission to the IMAX Theater presentation and the "Space Odyssey" laser show. As an added benefit, a Bubbleologist will create magical and mystical bubbles of all sizes and shapes during the annual Bubble Festival. The participants will also visit the other exhibits and attractions.
The Mariners will be playing at home on Friday, August 13, and DO-IT students and Mentors will cheer for Seattle's home team. It will be an exciting evening of hotdogs, peanuts, fly balls and homeruns.