Traveling the Internet


There are many diseases that exist in this world that require patients to stay in the hospital for a month or more. Living in a hospital for long periods with no recreation except maybe a TV, novel, or a radio does not sound thrilling or interesting enough for most hospitalized students.

From my experience, I believe that computers are the machines that can really help pass the time by providing lots of learning and recreation.

Computers are an important communication resource for hospitalized students. Through the Internet, students can talk to people throughout the world by just sitting in one room and keying the words on a keyboard. They can checkout books that they want to read from the libraries on the Internet and can read them on their computer screen. Students also can nourish their minds by playing fascinating computer games. There are many other things that students can do on computers without requiring any help.

To be hospitalized is the most frustrating thing in the world, but thanks to modern technology and the development of things such as computers, modems and all other computer technology, hospitalized students have help to get through their days lying on a hospital bed. I highly recommend using computers for hospitalized students.

NOTE: Nadira was able to use her DO-IT computer and Internet account to communicate during her stay at Children's Hospital.