Wow, What an Academically-Relevant Work Experience!

Eric, DO-IT Ambassador

Hi all. I just thought I would tell you about my summer internship. It kept me very busy and I even had to arrange it to earn college credits. I basically learned how to run a radio station. I learned how to operate the control board and set up programs. They record a lot of their programs on video and I programmed the VCR to come on at the time they want the program to start. We use a VCR because it is easier to use than those early-day reel systems and they are cheaper.

The station also had a CD player which we operated to avoid dead air time. As long as I had the control board set up right and the CD on, I can turn it on as soon as the show is over. In addition, there is a talking PC system which I used to update the program directories. Although I goof up from one time to the other, I learned a lot about running a radio station and I found it to be very educational.