AccessComputing Student Internships (AccessComputing News - January 2013)

Brianna Blaser, AccessComputing Staff

AccessComputing has funded over 140 internships for students with disabilities to work on research as well as lab, technical support, and other computing projects. Through these experiences, students have learned how to request reasonable accommodations, communicate with supervisors and co-workers, collaborate with others, and manage priorities. As one student shared, "despite being visually impaired, I can continue to work toward a degree in software engineering. My confidence level has increased along with my determination."

Research projects include:

  • developing a methodology to measure network performance for mobile devices
  • creating a bioinformatics project to implement replica-exchange molecular dynamics
  • developing an accessible viewing device for deaf and hard-of-hearing students to use in the classroom

Paid interns include:

  • a motion capture intern who worked at a museum focusing on science, technology, and art
  • a web development intern who created an online learning tool
  • an accessible technology (AT) intern who provided information on AT to clients

AccessComputing has limited funds to support internships for members of the AccessComputing Student Team. Team Members also participate in mentoring and receive support from AccessComputing staff. Visit for more information and an application.