Bristol-Myers Squibb Gives Grant to DO-IT

Sheryl and other Policy #188 coordinators discuss implementation efforts at the Policy #188 Capacity Building Institute.

By: Susie Hawkey, DO-IT Staff

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) has been a continuous supporter of the DO-IT program. Once again this year, DO-IT has received $5,000 of funding from BMS for science workshops and events that will take place during Summer Study 2017. The grant will be used to hire faculty and graduate students to teach a five-day workshop for teens with disabilities who attend DO-IT Summer Study and to offset the cost of the field trip to a local science exhibit (i.e. Seattle Aquarium or Pacific Science Center). During the field trip, the staff at the location engage the scholars in hands-on introductions to their programs. Then the scholars are able to continue their scientific exploration in small groups.