The Continuing Saga of Anna at UW

Anna, DO-IT Ambassador

Hey everybody! How's life? Mine's okay except for homework, not sleeping in, and having a cold.

I lived on north campus at the University of Washington last year and on south last summer and this year. I thought I'd give you the run down on various aspects of things to help you better decide where you'd like to dump yourselves when you get to the UW, assuming of course that you don't dump yourself onto some other college campus, in which case I can't help you.

Okay, to start with I am prejudiced. I like north campus much better for several reasons. First, the only major street you have to cross is Stevens Way which runs through campus. Now, this street does have quite a bit of traffic on it, but it's pedestrian oriented. South campus dorms are actually off campus a couple of blocks. Since the overpass over 15th is down until December 1996 or so, it is necessary to cross 15th street. For you nonlocal people, 15th is a major street in the northeast quadrant of Seattle. It has many big vehicles like busses and trucks that move very fast. It's a scary place for anybody, not just for someone blind like me. Now, I've gotten used to crossing this street, but it isn't fun and my walk home this year is stressful.

Now, for elevators. McCarty Hall, as the Scholars may know (that's the dorm Scholars stay in for the DO-IT Summer Study), has the sensor things. I've heard that McMahon's don't, but I'm not sure. Terry and Lander's definitely do not! The elevators try to eat you. For wheelchair users, McCarty is probably the best dorm. Haggett might be all right, but its hallways tend to be narrow. Terry and Lander would actually be great if the elevators had sensors in them.

As for food, one advantage to Terry and Lander, which are two dorms that are in one big building, is that the cafeteria is open every day. On north campus, Haggett's is open Tuesday through Saturday, McMahon's from Sunday through Thursday, and McCarty doesn't have one. This means that no matter where you live, you have to go somewhere else to eat a couple of days a week.

UW Housing and Food Services also has convenience stores where you can use you meal card. They have canned and frozen food, junk food, kleenex and more. North campus' is called The Back Door and south campus' is Steven's Pantry. I like the Back Door better because it's easier to reach. It's right below McMahon and it's open until 11:00. It's safe to walk there late at night because there are usually people wandering about on the sidewalk in front of the dorms until midnight. And you take the sidewalk to the stairs that take you down to the Back Door. Even after you go down the stairs there are people going to and from the store and playing basketball and so on. The only problem is I'm not sure how wheelchairs get there. Steven's Pantry is further away and it's harder for me to get to because it's across big wide open spaces and the Burke Gilman Trail. I always have to go with someone. Also, Terry and Lander are off campus so it isn't as safe to walk to the store late at night. However, it might be easier for people in wheelchairs to get to. But, of course, Terry and Lander have those insane elevators. Go figure! *grin*