Director's Digressions

Sheryl Burgstahler, Ph.D.

Are you or someone you know interested in one of the most exciting learning experiences offered outside a virtual reality haven? If so, you will be interested in what DO-IT can do for you.

We are actively recruiting U.S. high school sophomores with disabilities to participate in the DO-IT Scholars program. Juniors may also apply. Candidates must be interested in science, engineering, technology, or mathematics and plan to attend college. We are particularly interested in attracting students who will become leaders and are interested in helping others with disabilities achieve success. The DO-IT Scholars program is primarily funded by the National Science Foundation.

New DO-IT Scholars will attend a two-week, live-in summer program at the University of Washington in August of 1998. If not already available, Scholars are loaned computer systems that they keep in their homes. They gain access to the Internet network to obtain information to pursue their studies and to communicate with staff, Scholars, and Mentors. They communicate year-round, return to the UW for a second Summer Study program and have opportunities to participate in internships and other worthwhile experiences. As Scholars move on to college, they become DO-IT Ambassadors, sharing their experiences with younger Scholars.

Still not convinced that this is the best program going? Let some of the active DO-IT Scholars and Ambassadors share their thoughts on the program:

  • "My concerns about living on campus have been alleviated by seeing how college life really is."
  • "I have become aware of the many extra responsibilities and concerns with college that I wasn't aware of before. It helped me learn that I need to start planning now."
  • "I learned a lot about job application processes and also about job-search skills."
  • "I've learned a lot about genetics and it has stimulated my interest in that area."
  • "I learned about the vast scope of information available on the Internet."
  • "DO-IT made me more aware of helping people. You can't look at just the disabilities, you need to look at the person...get past the disability and look at the person."

For details about the DO-IT Scholars program, check out our World Wide Web home page at or send electronic mail to Our phone number is (206) 685-doit. Call or e-mail us to request a copy of the DO-IT Scholar application packet. Applications are accepted and reviewed on an on-going basis. Potential applicants should submit their applications as soon as possible and no later than January 31, 1998. Pass the word along to others who might be interested or know students who might be interested in this great opportunity.