DO-IT Needs You!

We are about to begin our last year of funding for DO-IT Scholars. Without new funding sources, the group of 20 Scholars that we accept this year will be our last. We, of course, want to continue this program. So, how can you help?

The best way you can contribute to our efforts to find future funding is to write a letter to DO-IT, sharing your support of the project. Your personal experiences are most important. Specifically, how has being a DO-IT Scholar, Ambassador, or Mentor benefited you or someone you know? How have DO-IT publications, videotapes or World Wide Web resources benefited you or your organization? If you are interested in helping in this way, send a letter stating why you think the DO-IT program is worthy of future funding, and how it has been a benefit to you and/or your family. Your comments do not need to be long, but the more personal your story, the better. Please send a letter to the following address:

University of Washington
Box 354842
Seattle, WA 98195-4842

We will use letters of support to document the value of DO-IT activities as we seek new, creative ways to fund our efforts. Thank you for supporting DO-IT and assuring that more students will benefit from the program.