DO-IT Ambassadors Can Attend Conferences in 2022

Tami Tidwell, DO-IT Staff
A student talks to someone at a conference with an interpreter.

The DO-IT Scholars program offers many opportunities to network, meet mentors, and learn more about your field of study. DO‑IT is currently seeking requests to attend conferences from Ambassadors (Scholars who have graduated from high school) who are currently attending college. Please complete the form to be considered. You must currently be 18 years old or older to apply. Ambassadors have already attended or are planning on attending the SXSW EDU, 2022 Washington State Nonprofit Conference, CSUN Assistive Technology Conference (California State University at Northridge) and the #WhyNotMe STEM Conference.

Conference and workshop topics may include leadership, a specific field of study, presentation skills, and more. Some options and examples are listed below:

Past Examples

  • The Technology Student Association annual conference
  • CSUN Assistive Technology Conference (California State University at Northridge), Los Angeles, California
  • SXSW EDU (hybrid): An annual event that fosters innovation and learning within the education industry
  • The Forum on Workplace Inclusion annual conference

Upcoming Conferences

  • The National Student Leadership Diversity Virtual Leadership Conference, April 30, 2022
  • The 2022 Washington State Nonprofit Conference, May 18-20
  • #Why Not Me STEM Conference, Lubbock, Texas: Featuring holistic, developmental response to promote diversity in STEM, May 22-25

Check on your local campus or in your community to find a variety of workshops on presentation skills or other topics that will help your education and career.

If you have specific questions, you can direct them to me at