DO-IT Engages with CSCP

Sheryl Burgstahler, DO-IT Director
A male student in a wheelchair works with a computer.
A DO-IT Ambassador accesses a computer using accessible technology.

The DO-IT Center is a partner with the Computer Science Collaboration Project (CSCP). Funded by the National Science Foundation and hosted by the EdLab Group, the CSCP promotes the participation of individuals with disabilities in computing fields of study and employment. See for project details.

DO-IT has been happy to share resources that have been created by earlier projects funded by the NSF with the same purpose. In particular, DO-IT helps project collaborators:

  • Recruit participants with disabilities
  • Make their websites more accessible to visitors with disabilities
  • Apply universal design to information technology, physical spaces, instruction, and project activities
  • Accommodate students with disabilities in their activities
  • Locate resources

It is expected that projects like these will increase the participation in computing fields and improve these fields with the perspectives and talents of people with disabilities.