DO-IT Students Accepted Into the Young Scholars Program

Scott Bellman, DO-IT program manager
Photo of DO-IT Young Scholars Jessie and Angela
Young Scholars Jessie and Angela

Jessie (2011 Scholar) and Angela (2010 Scholar) were accepted to the highly competitive Young Scholars Program through the UW Center for Neurotechnology. The ten-week summer program places students into research labs on the UW Seattle campus, and offers a stipend for the students' work.

Students also receive trainings in ethics, communication, lab safety, and scientific presentation skills. At the end of the summer, students participate in a summer research symposium to gain experience preparing and presenting research results to the scientific community.

The Young Scholars program is designed to provide a solid foundation for future scientific study. The DO-IT community is excited for Jessie and Angela. We're proud that their academic accomplishments and leadership skills have been recognized by acceptance to the program! More information about the Young Scholars Program is available through the CNT website at: