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Andrew, '05 Scholar
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2005 DO-IT Scholar, Andrew

As you may or may not know,
My disability is one that doesn't always show,
It is apart of me as I am aware,
Making my personality something rare,
For my disability is something I must work with,
It is definitely real, not a tall tale or Greek myth,
What I ask from you is to be mature,
Treat me with respect that is pure,
For my disability has no cure,
And that is a lot to endure,

So when you see someone with any type of disability for that matter,
Try to embrace a healthy relationship instead of letting it shatter,
Making both your & their life more complete,
Instead of filling it with misconceptions, assumptions, & heat,
For as one learns to become more loving,
One can focus on getting through life with communication instead of violence & shoving,
Bringing the world together,
Into a resourceful community even in times of bad weather.