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Rebecca Cory
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DO-IT Staff member Rebecca

Hi, I'm Rebecca Cory, and I started working for DO-IT in October. Some of you may remember me from the summer of 2002, when I had an internship with DO-IT and helped out with Summer Study. At that time I was a graduate student at Syracuse University. In August of 2005, I finished my Ph.D. from Syracuse in cultural foundations of education and disability studies. I'm very passionate about disability studies; it's a discipline that looks at disability as a cultural creation and works to make communities accessible to everyone. The work that I'm doing at DO-IT builds on my experience in Disability Studies. I conduct research about how we can change universities to be more inclusive. I love getting to think the big thoughts.

When I'm not doing disability research and advocacy, I enjoy hiking, running, photography, and spending time with my nieces. I've always been a bit of an "early adopter" for computers and other new technology. Because of my dyslexia, I learned to touch type, to compensate for my handwriting and spelling, in the 7th grade. I took a laptop to classes in college starting in 1992, a time when a laptop had a black and white screen, two-hour battery life, and no Internet connection!