DO-IT's Open Captions Well Received by Pac Rim Visitors

Kristin Otis, DO-IT Counselor/Coordinator

DO-IT recently hosted two groups of visitors who are trying to increase the educational and career opportunities for people with disabilities in their home countries of Taiwan and Japan. Members of each group had limited spoken English skills and required the services of interpreters. However, when it came time to show DO-IT's adaptive technology videotape, the enthusiasm was apparent. Most participants could read English quite well and had no problem following the presentation because it was open captioned. Once again, it is demonstrated how an accommodation made for individuals with disabilities is useful to others.

The first group came in November. Bey-Lih Chang, Ed.D., professor and chair of the Department of Special Education at National Taiwan Normal University, visited DO-IT and the University of Washington Adaptive Technology Lab, with a group of thirty educators. In December, DO-IT hosted a group of delegates from JISA (Japan Information Service Industry Association), an organization representing the information services industry in Japan. Their primary goal is to assist governments and businesses shape and carry out policies which will expedite employment of people with disabilities in Japan. JISA also visited IBM, Microsoft and Stanford University during their stay in the United States. It was exciting to meet these groups and learn about disability issues in other countries.