A Friend Indeed

Anna, DO-IT Ambassador

I thought I'd share a little encouragement with everyone, especially those of you who, like me, are having difficulty making friends in school. I was in the first group of DO-IT Scholars and am now a sophomore at the University of Washington. I am blind.

In my presentation at the 1995 DO-IT Scholars summer study session at the UW I talked about how finding good friends in college has built my confidence in my ability to interact with other people. Anyway, that confidence which was developed last year is now showing its benefits. I moved into a new dorm this quarter and out of a floor of 96 people I knew three. I should have been terrified; I would have been a year ago. But I wasn't. Saying "hi" to new people isn't a problem for me now. One night my friends and I decided to go downstairs for ice cream, and we went all over the floor knocking on doors and inviting people. I couldn't have done this a year ago.

I'm not just writing this to talk about myself but to show those of you who struggle to form friendships that good things can happen. I think college socializing is a big part of this, or college friendships anyway. For some of you it's a couple years away, but hang on! You'll make it! For others it's already here. Take advantage of it!!! Wonderful things can happen to all of you in college if you make just a little effort. Good things are coming. Trust me on this one!