Karaoke Night '07

Andrew, '05 Scholar

Today as we rejoice in each other's company,
Laughing and singing on this magical occasion,
Eating ice cream and enjoying the moment,
While ever improving our communal relation.

With our strength, we have great power,
The power to inspire and lead the way,
Giving ourselves to a common cause,
For others who might need us someday.

We are strong, powerful, united,
One people stemming from the individual,
Bound by a mutually shared love,
Standing tall, together, enduring, residual.

Providing trust, tolerance, and truth,
Finding ourselves through one another,
Recalling similarities of our diverse pasts,
Seeing ourselves through the eyes of each other.

These are the days we will remember,
For the rest of our lives,
A community growing together, intertwined,
As its new threads arrive.

New scholars of DO-IT,
You have found your way into our hearts,
You will stay with us forever,
Well after Summer Study departs.

You are now the newest ingredient,
Of the DO-IT recipe for success,
Adding to a colorful menu of voices,
All of which you can easily access.

We're here for you whenever you're in need,
We're here to help, here to stay,
Ready for you during life's surprises,
Ready to clear the runway.

Flying, together, past the darkness of dusk,
Finding our way through the heavy clouds of life's unknown,
Rising ever higher through the foggy mist of dawn,
For a tomorrow, bright and beautiful, never again alone.

And as we do at DO-IT,
Let's have some fun,
Sharing our time,
Together as one.

Singing songs by M. J., Marvin Gaye, and Beyonce,
Carrying on, until the night is gone,
And continue soaring, on into the morning,
For is it not Karaoke night, c'mon guys, let's get this party started right.