Twenty Five Ways DO-IT is Changing the World

Scott Bellman, DO-IT Program Manager

To commemorate DO-IT’s 25th anniversary, staff members and mentors recently sat down to identify ways that DO-IT is attempting to make the world more welcoming and accessible for people with disabilities, which included

  • promoting inclusive learning environments;
  • identifying future leaders with disabilities;
  • creating access to empowering technology;
  • encouraging people to caption videos;
  • connecting individuals with disabilities to mentors; and
  • advocating for accessible websites, documents, and software.

The list includes specific examples about how people can join these efforts. To learn more, visit “25 Ways DO-IT is Changing the World” in the DO-IT Retrospective. We look forward to another 25 years of engaging students, job-seekers, educators, administrators, service providers, employers, policy-makers, and other stakeholders in these efforts.