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  • Scott

    Scott Bellman

    I'm Scott Bellman. I am the program manager at DO-IT. I have a master's degree in rehabilitation counseling and earned my undergraduate degree in psychology and business. I am a licensed mental health counselor in Washington State. I also serve on several boards and committees, including the Governor's Committee on Disability Issues and Employment. 

  • Brianna

    Picture of Brianna

    My name is Brianna Blaser, and I am a counselor/coordinator at the DO-IT Center. I earned my bachelors degree in math and psychology at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. I moved to Seattle to attend graduate school at the University of Washington, where I earned my Ph.D. in women studies studying women in science. 

  • Kayla

    Picture of Kayla

    My name is Kayla Brown, and I am a counselor/coordinator here at DO-IT. I have a master of social work degree from the University of Washington and a bachelor's in community psychology from University of Washington, Bothell. My passion is community outreach, research, and disability activism. I work one-on-one with students to work on goal setting, academic planning, and building a support system. 

  • Lyla


    My name is Lyla Crawford. I am a counselor/coordinator for DO-IT. I work in the Spokane office. I have a master's degree in developmental psychology. 

  • Marvin

    Picture of Marvin

    My name is Marvin Crippen. I help with technical support, work on DO-IT websites, and support the University of Washington's Access Technology Center.

  • Gaby


    My name is Gaby de Jongh, and I am an IT Accessibility Specialist with Accessible Technology Services. I work with units across campus to educate, support, and collaborate with authors on creating accessible electronic documents and PDF remediation. 

  • Anna Marie

    Anna Marie

    My name is Anna Marie Golden. I'm an IT Accessibility Specialist with Accessible Technology Services. It is my job to provide support and outreach to the campus web community to help them make their websites more accessible to students, faculty, staff, and visitors with disabilities. I'm also a UW graduate from the Master of Human-Computer Interaction + Design program.

  • Susie

    Picture of Susie

    My name is Susie Hawkey, and I am the operations manager for Accessible Technology Services. My main role is to oversee all operations within the offices, which includes submitting grants, managing budgets, and human resources. I have a B.S. in Biology from Seattle University and a B.S. in Accounting from Central Washington University.

  • Andrea


    Hello, my name is Andrea Mano, and I am an assistive technologist with DO-IT. My main role is to support the technology needs of our DO-IT Scholars, as well as engage in our other projects. I have a bachelor's in mechanical engineering and have a long history of working in assistive technology and with people with disabilities.

  • Hadi

    Image of Hadi

    My name is Hadi Rangin, and I am an information technology accessibility specialist at the Accessibility Technology Center and DO-IT. I identify accessibility issues on campus and promote universally designed software. I have a master's degree in computer science.