DO-IT Projects Featured in UW College of Engineering News Article

K Wheeler, DO-IT Staff and Ambassador

In their latest newsletter, the University of Washington’s (UW) College of Engineering highlighted the importance of making engineering and computing programs accessible to students with disabilities. The College of Engineering pointed to DO‑IT’s AccessEngineering program as a great “resource for universities nationwide” to promote accessibility and inclusion.

The article showcases 2013 Scholar and AccessComputing team member Hannah Werbel talking about her experience in those programs: “I don’t feel like I’m pursuing my education alone, or that I have to figure out how to overcome obstacles that others don’t have to by myself.”

AccessEngineering Co-PI Kat Steele shared how engineering should be accessible to even non-engineering students through Makerspaces. “Makerspaces are continuing to grow on university campuses, and we wanted to provide some best practices so that as these new spaces are being created they can be accessible to as many students as possible,” she said. “The more diversity we have in engineering the more problems we’ll be able to solve.”

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