Nov 5, 2018
Richard Ladner and others from the CSforALL Summit in 2018.

The CSforALL Consortium, an organization committed to bringing computer science (CS) education to all K-12 students, has brought a spotlight to accessibility of K-12 CS education. AccessCSforAll partnered with the CSforALL Consortium on a CSforALL Accessibility Pledge, which will rally the national community of CS education content creators, program providers, educational institutions, researchers and investors to take immediate steps to achieve accessibility for existing efforts, and ensure that future efforts address accessibility within the design phase. Over one hundred organizations have signed the pledge this far. To learn more and read the pledge, visit the CSforALL website.

In October, the pledge and related accessibility efforts were highlighted as part of the CSforALL Summit. AccessCSforAll PIs Richard Ladner and Andreas Stefik, and several of our collaborators were featured. Find recordings online of the following

AccessCSforAll is a collaboration between the Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering, DO-IT, and the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Photo used with permission from CSforALL.