Apr 5, 2024
A person holding up a tablet and reading while in a bustling room.

We are pleased to announce the inaugural edition of Teaching Accessible Computing, a community-sourced book aimed at assisting educators with integrating accessibility topics into their courses edited by Alannah Oleson, Amy J. Ko, and Richard Ladner.

Without learning about accessibility, the next generation of accessibility professionals can’t design accessible technology. And, yet, we hear from faculty that they need better resources to teach about accessibility in their courses. Teaching Accessible Computing is designed to fill this gap. It includes basic accessibility information and strategies for integrating accessibility into computer science courses.

Because the book is a living document, we invite you to sign up to be alerted when content is updated or share suggestions for improvement.

This book is thanks to the hard work of many outstanding accessible computing researchers and educators, including Jeff Bigham, William Bares, Mine Dogucum, Yasmine Elglaly, Paula Gabbert, Shaun Kane, Richard Ladner, Jennifer Mankoff, Catie Baker, Kristen Shinohara, Elena Kalodner-Martin, Kelly Mack, Lauren Milne, Vivian Genaro Motti, Joslenne Peña, Thomas Pickering, Annie Ross, JooYoung Seo, Elaine Short, and Annuska Zolyomi.

A special thanks also to our amazing lead editor, Alannah Oleson, whose dedicated efforts were instrumental in the compilation of this book throughout the past year. Your ongoing support and contributions were indispensable to the realization of this project.