Mar 8, 2018
Screenshot from The Job Search and Disclosing Your Disability

There is no singular right way to disclose your disability. It all comes down to personal preference. Every individual may go about it in a slightly different manner. The approach may change depending on the particular situation. The applicant must consider both the necessity of the disclosure and the likely impact on the employer's attitude. Developing a plan for if, when, and how to disclose your disability in the workplace is important as you prepare for internships and career jobs. 

AccessComputing has created a new video, The Job Search and Disclosing Your Disability, which explores strategies for disclosing disability-related information in the workplace. The video features students with disabilities, disability service staff, and professionals who can all share their perspectives on the subject.

You can also learn more on this subject from the Knowledge Base article "When and how should a student with a disability disclose his or her disability to a potential employer?"