There’s lots of information out there that you can use to learn more about careers in computing and plan your own career path. Check out the resources below.

  • Your Computing Education 
    Learn more about studying computing in college. How can you prepare for college? What majors should you consider if you’re interested in computing?
  • Careers in Computing 
    Learn more about the career options in computing fields whether you’re interested in computer science, information systems, or any other computing career.
  • Programming and Computing Activities 
    There are many fun activities online that can help you learn more about computing, including how to program. Try these at home or suggest them for use in your school!
  • Camps, Workshops, and Mentoring 
    There are many camps, workshops, and mentoring programs designed to help students learn about careers in computing. Find one that’s the right fit for you.
  • Success Stories of Computing Students and Professionals 
    Learn more about the education and career paths of successful computing professionals by taking a look at these collections of profiles. You may find out more about options that appeal to you.