The goal of ERC-INCLUDES responds to NSF’s call to create opportunities among currently funded NSF projects to build a collaborative infrastructure for broadening participation in NSF-funded research and practice. The project fosters collaborations between the engineering research centers (ERCs) and NSF Eddie Bernice Johnson INCLUDES National Network. Goals of ERC-INCLUDES are as follows:

  1. Integrate evidence-based broadening participation practices of INCLUDES into the ERCs.
  2. Share ERC diversity activities and outcomes to inform research/practice of INCLUDES projects.
  3. Build a durable collaborative infrastructure for broadening participation in NSF-funded research through the engagement of ERCs with the NSF INCLUDES National Network.
Participants from ERCs and INCLUDES project convened in Seattle in April 2019 to discuss broadening participation in NSF programs.

To reach these objectives, participants from ERCs and INCLUDES projects exchange expertise and experiences with each other, collect/develop relevant resources, and create action plans together.


  • Join Our Community of Practice (CoP)
    Engage in online discussions related to ERCs, INCLUDES projects, and other stakeholders interested in the objectives above.
  • Learn about the ERC-INCLUDES Conference
    ERC-INCLUDES hosted a national capacity building institute in April 2019, where representatives from ERCs and INCLUDES projects promoted best practices for engaging women, racial and ethnic minorities, first generation college students, individuals with disabilities, and other groups underrepresented in STEM education.
  • Learn More About Other Projects in the AccessINCLUDES Initiative
    DO-IT engages in four projects that connect with the NSF Eddie Bernice Johnson INCLUDES Network: The AccessINCLUDES Conference ProjectThe NSF INCLUDES TAPDINTO-STEM AllianceThe Alliance for Identity-Inclusive Computing Education (AiiCE), and ERC-INCLUDES