More Successes from DO-IT's Thirty Year History

Organizations and individuals are encouraged to replicate DO-IT practices from the following programs and projects. For details on how to get started, and more information about DO-IT's evidence base, consult Replication and Adaptation of DO-IT Practices.

  • AccessDesign
    Encouraging students with disabilities to pursue architecture and design fields.
  • AccessIT
    A national center to increase the use of accessible information technology in educational institutions at all levels.
  • Diversity Includes Disability Project
    Hosting screenings and discussions of the film FIXED: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement to the UW community.
  • DO-IT 2-4
    Students with disabilities transitioning from a two-year to a four-year postsecondary institution.
  • DO-IT Admin
    Helping campus student service organizations (admissions, advising, computer labs, libraries, career services, etc.) welcome and support students with disabilities.
  • DO-IT Campers
    Internet training and college/career preparation have been sponsored by DO-IT at summer camps for teens with disabilities.
  • DO-IT Disability Mentoring Day
    A program that promoted career development for students and job seekers with disabilities through hands-on career exploration and job shadowing.
  • DO-IT Prof
    Helping postsecondary faculty and academic administrators fully include students with disabilities in courses.
  • DO-IT Show and Tell
    College students with disabilities demonstrating technology, information access, and independent living skills to first grade students.