Center for Neurotechnology (CNT)

The DO-IT Center is a partner in the Center for Neurotechnology (CNT). Funded by the National Science Foundation and led by the University of Washington, the CNT is a global hub for delivering neural-inspired sensorimotor devices. The Center's research focuses on reanimating paralyzed limbs and inducing neuroplasticity for stroke and spinal cord injury patients using implantable closed-loop bidirectional brain-computer interfaces (BBCIs) that can both record from and stimulate the central nervous system. This research integrates novel recording, stimulating, and wireless technologies with a computational understanding of sensorimotor processing and plasticity in the nervous system. The CNT's research is also guided by people's needs and neuroethics.

DO-IT's role in the project is to promote the accessible design of project products and materials and the involvement of individuals with disabilities in all aspects of project activities, including research and industry internships, presentations, and product development and feedback.