AccessCollege Tailored Resources

DO-IT’s AccessCollege Initiative, funded by grants from multiple sources, guides faculty, technology, service providers, veterans units, employers, and students in promoting the success of all students, including those with disabilities, in postsecondary studies and careers. It promotes the application of universal design and effective accommodations to physical spaces, instruction, services, and technology in technical schools, colleges, universities and (2) the development of self-determination, technology, and academic skills for students with disabilities.

Image of instructor demonstrating for students in a science lab

The Faculty Room

How faculty and administrators can create inclusive courses and academic programs.

Image of a faculty member consulting a student

The Student Services Conference Room

How staff can create facilities, services, and resources that are welcoming and accessible. 

Image of a student interview

The Employment Office

How work-based learning and employment can be made welcoming and accessible.

Image of students doing a filming activity in a student lounge

The Student Lounge

How students with disabilities can prepare for and succeed in college.


The Veterans Center

How veterans with disabilities can be successful in education and careers.

Image of people interacting at a conference.

The Board Room

How high-level administrators can transform campuses to fully include people with disabilities.

Student working on a problem using pencil and paper.

The Center for Universal Design in Education

How to apply universal design principles to make instruction, services, physical spaces, and technology welcoming and accessible to everyone.

A student in a wheelchair looks into a microscope.

The STEM Lab

How to create accessible STEM-based academic environments and physical spaces that maximize the learning of all students, including those with disabilities.

A student in a wheelchair uses a microscope while looking at her faculty advisor.

Research Center

How researchers can address disability-related issues and people with disabilities can participate in research.